Where and when Grandpappy Skunk seeds came from… 

In 1978, in South Santa Cruz county, Wayne purchased 100 cannabis seeds from legendary seed breeder Sam The Skunkman. These are a F1 or F2 strain that preceded Sam’s Skunk No. 1 that he created in the 80s. Life happened, Wayne could not grow them out and he froze them. Decades later he popped his frozen seeds and discovered that these pre-Skunk strains have an amazing Sativa expression.

It is creative, happy weed. 

You can read the story of Skunk history and Wayne’s seeds in the magazine Cannabis Chronicle, December 2021 – the article is called Skunk City by Richard Stockton.


Wayne’s dream is to distribute these heirloom seeds to backyard growers so they can experience the high he gets from Grandpappy Skunk, and to keep these genetics in the public domain. These seeds are the original landrace strains imported almost 50 years ago; open pollinated, organically outdoor grown. 

Grandpappy Skunk is being legally offered in dispensaries by Jeff Nordahl of Jade Nectar. Jeff is making the seeds part of his Cannaboid Public Domain Project. Jeff’s Project is dedicated to saving and preserving heirloom cannabis seed stock for public use.   

Long time Santa Cruz County growers including Sam The Skunkman think these seeds are of Columbian, Afghani and Acapulco Gold strains from the 70s. All we know for certain is Sam The Skunkman created them in the 70s and Wayne bought them in 1978 and it is creative, happy weed.